How to treat Mok, CLP or mite

For horses with CPL and / or MOK we recommend washing the legs with the shampoo and using the Leg Cleaner as support. Wash the horse's leg once a week at the start. Use the Leg Cleaner between washing days. Use the Leg Cleaner to keep the probiotics level on the entire leg.
In general, the effect is visible after two to three weeks of treatment. 

How do I ensure a healthy living environment for your horse?

 The stable or box is the place where most horses are at least 12 hours per day. The stable is the ideal place for bad bacteria to live and multiply due to the warmth and the abundance of nutrition for these bacteria. Think of the horse's excrement, dirt that the horse has entered and leftovers of food. In addition, various cleaning and care products are often used on horses and their blankets. These products are also a food source for bad bacteria.
 Detergents with probiotics have now been extensively tested and approved in livestock farming. For example for cleaning stables for horses, cows or pigs. In those stables pathogenic bacteria cause health problems and the solution to this has so far been mainly sought in strong disinfectants and antibiotics. After decades, the most dangerous germs became resistant to these agents, causing more and more livestock to become ill. 
Scientific research has now shown that the probiotic cleaners from GreenXL-Horse do succeed in keeping stables clean so that the herd remains healthy. GreenXL-Horse Stable Cleaner is available for cleaning the stable. This product remains effective for a long time after use due to the activity of the probiotics in this product. To support the effect of the Stable Cleaner and to extend it even further, it is advisable to use the GreenXL-Horse Stable stabilizer.

Edge products

If you experience odor in your riding boots, or itchiness from your riding helmet. Or other things that are difficult to wash, the universal cleaner is a solution. Smell or juice almost always comes from bacteria. Due to the cleaning effect of the universal cleaner you will see that the odor and itching disappear very quickly. Horse harness can also be treated with this often a horse also suffers from bacteria that are on it.